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Abkhazia Country Code 7
Exit Code: 8~10
Capital is Sukhumi
Population: 240,705
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Afghanistan Country Code 93
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Kabul
Population: 29,121,286
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Aland Islands Country Code 358
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Mariehamn
Population: 28,875
Continent: Europe
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Albania Country Code 355
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Tirane
Population: 2,986,952
Continent: Europe
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Algeria Country Code 213
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Algiers
Population: 34,586,184
Continent: Africa
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American Samoa Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is Pago Pago
Population: 57,881
Continent: North America & Caribbean / Australia & Pacific
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Andorra Country Code 376
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Andorra la Vella
Population: 84,000
Continent: Europe
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Angola Country Code 244
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Luanda
Population: 13,068,161
Continent: Africa
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Anguilla Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is The Valley
Population: 13,254
Continent: North America & Caribbean
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Antigua and Barbuda Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is St. John's
Population: 86,754
Continent: North America & Caribbean
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Argentina Country Code 54
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Buenos Aires
Population: 41,333,201
Continent: South & Central America
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Armenia Country Code 374
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Yerevan
Population: 2,968,000
Continent: Europe
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Aruba Country Code 297
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Oranjestad
Population: 71,566
Continent: North America & Caribbean
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Ascension Island Country Code 247
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Georgetown
Population: 880
Continent: Africa
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Australia Country Code 61
Exit Code: 0011
Capital is Canberra
Population: 21,515,754
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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Austria Country Code 43
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Vienna
Population: 8,199,000
Continent: Europe
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Azerbaijan Country Code 994
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Baku
Population: 8,303,512
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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