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North America & Caribbean Islands - Barbados Yellow Books
Barbados Yellow Pages - Search businesses in the Barbados Yellow Pages - by category, keyword or search by company name.
Barbados Yellow Book - Yellow Pages for Barbados, Anguilla, Bermuda, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and more. Simple yellow pages with few listings Choose country; Barbados.

South America & Central America - Peru Yellow Books
Peru Paginas Amarillas - Search businesses in Peru Yellow Pages - by company name or service. Top categories, auto, banks, education, florists, hotels and motels guide, real estate, and more. The phone book is in English and Spanish.
Peru Yalwa Directory - Find a business in the Peru Business Yellow Book - Lookup by name, type, service or category, and choose location. The phone book is in Spanish.
Europe - France Yellow Books
France Pages Jaunes - Yellow Pages of France including overseas departments and territories of France. Find a business in the Pages Jaunes, by name, category or business type. "Quoi, Qui" enter business name or type - "Ou" enter city or location. Directory in French only.
118 712 Orange - Business Yellow Book of companies, professional and reverse phone lookup "Annuaire" enter name of business, type of business, address and location. "Annuaire inverse" enter phone number for reverse phone number results. Directory in French only.

Africa - Tunisia Yellow Books
Tunisia Pages Jaunes - Search for businesses in the Tunisia Yellow Pages - The directory lists commercial, professional, handicraft and industrial businesses in Tunisia. The phone book is in French, Arabic and English.
Tunisia Business Links - Search businesses in the Tunisia Business Pages - Basic directory includes, business, education, employment, health, real estate, and tourism.

Asia & Middle East - Sri Lanka Yellow Books
Sri Lanka Classified Search - Find a business in the Sri Lanka Classified Search Pages - Choose the tab Classified to begin your search. Lookup by name, category and location.

Australia & Pacific - Australia Yellow Books
Australia Yellowpages - Search for businesses in the Australia Phone Book - by name, or category, and location. Find by business type-accountants, doctors, hair salons, hotels and motels, restaurants, and more.
Australia Businesses - Search businesses in the Australia Yellow Pages - by business name, or type. Location: choose by city or zip code. Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, or Western Australia.