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North America & Caribbean Islands - Barbados Yellow Books
Barbados Yellow Pages - Search businesses in the Barbados Yellow Pages - by category, keyword or search by company name.
Barbados Yellow Book - Yellow Pages for Barbados, Anguilla, Bermuda, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and more. Simple yellow pages with few listings Choose country; Barbados.

South America & Central America - Colombia Yellow Books
Colombia Paginas Amarillas - Search businesses in Colombia Yellow Pages - by company name or service. Top categories, auto, banks, education, florists, hotels and motels guide, real estate, and more.
Colombia Yalwa Directory - Find a business in the Colombia Yalwa Business Yellow Book - Find by business name, type, service or category, and choose location. The Yalwa phone book is in Spanish.
Europe - Germany Yellow Books
Germany Gelbeseiten - Germany's Yellow Pages - to find a business or service. Lookup by top categories and the directory includes a large map. The phone book is in German.
Germany Yalwa Directory - Find a business in the Germany Business Yellow Book - Lookup by name, type, service or category, and choose location. The phone book is in German.

Africa - Congo (Republic) Yellow Books
Congo Rep. Pages - Search businesses in the Congo Rep. Yellow Pages - Choose a category and select the country, Congo Rep.

Asia & Middle East - Kazakhstan Yellow Books
Kazakhstan Pages - Lookup a business in the Kazakhstan Yellow Pages - by name, phone number, address or type of business. Results are shown at bottom of page.
Kompass Directory - Search businesses in the Kazakhstan Kompass Business Yellow Book - by name, type, and location. Choose Kazakhstan for the location.

Australia & Pacific - Australia Yellow Books
Australia Yellowpages - Search for businesses in the Australia Phone Book - by name, or category, and location. Find by business type-accountants, doctors, hair salons, hotels and motels, restaurants, and more.
Australia Businesses - Search businesses in the Australia Yellow Pages - by business name, or type. Location: choose by city or zip code. Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, or Western Australia.