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Iceland Country Code 354
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Reykjavik
Population: 308,910
Continent: Europe
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India Country Code 91
Exit Code: 00
Capital is New Delhi
Population: 1,251,695,584
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Indonesia Country Code 62
Exit Code: 00x, 001, 007, 008, 009
Capital is Jakarta
Population: 255,993,674
Continent: Asia & Middle East / Australia & Pacific
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Iran Country Code 98
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Tehran
Population: 76,923,300
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Iraq Country Code 964
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Baghdad
Population: 29,671,605
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Ireland Country Code 353
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Dublin
Population: 4,622,917
Continent: Europe
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Isle of Man Country Code 44
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Douglas
Population: 75,049
Continent: Europe
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Israel Country Code 972
Exit Code: 00, 012, 013, 014, 018, 019
Capital is Jerusalem
Population: 7,353,985
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Italy Country Code 39
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Rome (Roma)
Population: 60,340,328
Continent: Europe
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