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Namibia Country Code 264
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Windhoek
Population: 2,128,471
Continent: Africa
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Nauru Country Code 674
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Yaren
Population: 10,065
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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Nepal Country Code 977
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Kathmandu
Population: 28,951,852
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Netherlands Country Code 31
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Amsterdam
Population: 16,645,000
Continent: Europe
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New Caledonia Country Code 687
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Noumea
Population: 216,494
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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New Zealand Country Code 64
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Wellington
Population: 4,252,277
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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Nicaragua Country Code 505
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Managua
Population: 5,995,928
Continent: South & Central America
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Niger Country Code 227
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Niamey
Population: 15,878,271
Continent: Africa
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Nigeria Country Code 234
Exit Code: 009
Capital is Abuja
Population: 181,562,056
Continent: Africa
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Niue Island Country Code 683
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Alofi
Population: 2,166
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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Norfolk Island Country Code 672
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Kingston
Population: 2,302
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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Northern Cyprus Country Code 90
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Nicosia (Lefkosa)
Population: 294,396
Continent: Europe
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Northern Mariana Islands Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is Saipan
Population: 53,883
Continent: North America & Caribbean / Australia & Pacific
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Norway Country Code 47
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Oslo
Population: 5,009,150
Continent: Europe
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