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Taiwan Country Code 886
Exit Code: 002
Capital is Taipei
Population: 22,894,384
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Tajikistan Country Code 992
Exit Code: 8~10
Capital is Dushanbe
Population: 7,487,489
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Tanzania Country Code 255
Exit Code: 000
Capital is Dodoma
Population: 41,892,895
Continent: Africa
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Thailand Country Code 66
Exit Code: 001
Capital is Bangkok
Population: 66,991,500
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Timor-Leste Country Code 670
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Dili
Population: 1,154,625
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Togo Country Code 228
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Lome
Population: 6,587,239
Continent: Africa
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Tokelau Country Code 690
Exit Code: 00
Capital is
Population: 1,466
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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Tonga Country Code 676
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Nuku'alofa
Population: 122,580
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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Trinidad and Tobago Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is Port-of-Spain
Population: 1,228,691
Continent: North America & Caribbean
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Tristan da Cunha Country Code 290
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Edinburgh of the Seven Seas
Population: 297
Continent: Africa
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Tunisia Country Code 216
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Tunis
Population: 10,589,025
Continent: Africa
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Turkey Country Code 90
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Ankara
Population: 77,804,122
Continent: Europe / Asia & Middle East
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Turkmenistan Country Code 993
Exit Code: 8~10
Capital is Ashgabat
Population: 4,940,916
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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Turks and Caicos Islands Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is Grand Turk
Population: 20,556
Continent: North America & Caribbean
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Tuvalu Country Code 688
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Funafuti
Population: 10,472
Continent: Australia & Pacific
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