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Uganda Country Code 256
Exit Code: 000
Capital is Kampala
Population: 33,398,682
Continent: Africa
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Ukraine Country Code 380
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Kiev
Population: 45,395,596
Continent: Europe
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United Arab Emirates Country Code 971
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Abu Dhabi
Population: 4,975,593
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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United Kingdom Country Code 44
Exit Code: 00
Capital is London
Population: 62,348,447
Continent: Europe
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Uruguay Country Code 598
Exit Code: 00
Capital is Montevideo
Population: 3,477,000
Continent: South & Central America
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US Virgin Islands Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is Charolotte Amalie/St. Thomas
Population: 108,708
Continent: North America & Caribbean
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USA Country Code 1
Exit Code: 011
Capital is Washington, D.C.
Population: 321,362,789
Continent: North America & Caribbean
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Uzbekistan Country Code 998
Exit Code: 8~10
Capital is Tashkent
Population: 27,865,738
Continent: Asia & Middle East
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