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Select a country to browse the available on-line white and yellow phone books. Our free directory inquiries include most phonebooks from around the world. Find detailed instructions on how to dial any overseas landline or mobile phone number. Email Address Lookup is also provided to locate someone's email worldwide. Our yellow phone book directory is constantly updated to help search for businesses. The goal is to guide you through out the process of international people and business lookup. Every country is unique on how their telephone directories function. We provide you with specific information on how to fill out search directory enquiries. Many phone books are in English or are in the country's native language. The ease of use for each directory enquiry is also indicated in our up-to-date phone book guide.

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Searching for people across the US has never been so easy, thanks to the excellent people search engine at Search Yellow Directory. No matter if you’re looking for old school friends or long-lost cousins, or if you’re simply curious about a name you heard recently, our free people search is the most powerful tool for tracking them down. Use the most up-to-date information from local telephone books, white pages phone book directory and databases from all over the USA and Canada. So as long as the name is listed somewhere, we guarantee that you will find the person you are inquiring about. Simply enter the name of the person you want to find along with the location. To narrow down your people search inquiry, add a zip code, city or state and we will pull up all the possible name matches from public records.

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Have you ever had a missed call from an unknown number and really wanted to know who it was from? Well now you can find out just who it was, thanks to our powerful new reverse phone numbers look up tool. Reverse phone lookup has never been so easy. Simply enter the phone number of the person who called, and we will cross reference it with those in the database. We search all of the major telephone directory listings in the US. As long as the number is listed somewhere, our free phone number look up tool will find the details for you in seconds. Our reports include the name of the person that the phone number is registered to, and their location. We can even perform international phone lookup searches as well. Just enter the country code, area code and local number in the correct number format and hit the search button.

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