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International Reverse Phone Lookup - USA, Canada, Country Area Codes

Who is calling you? Find out with free international phone number lookup. See instant results for all reverse phone lookup in USA. Search today! International Access Code (IAC): also known as exit code. The exit code is needed to call "out" from a country. To call internationally; Exit Code + Area Code + Phone Number. National Direct Dialing also known as Trunk code. The Trunk code is a one or two digit prefix number placed before dialing a local number within a country. Dial trunk prefix (if needed) and local number. Each country has both a country code and exit code. To call country to country you must first dial the exit code before country code and the subscriber number.
Example: UK Country Code is 44; United States Exit Code is 011.
London, UK: 44-20-xxxxxxxx, 4420xxxxxxxx, 44(20)xxxxxxxx
Calling London, UK from USA?: 011-44-20-xxxxxxxx

Calling between NANP Countries? Do not dial exit code 011.
Boston, Massachusetts number sequence: 1-617-xxx-xxxx, 1617xxxxxxx, 1(617)xxxxxxx
Calling Boston, Massachusetts from Puerto Rico?: Dial 1-617-xxx-xxxx

Find out who is calling you from anywhere in the world! Try our FREE international reverse phone lookup or a cell phone search today. The USA phone number search is cost effective and will always includes additional free information, area codes, phone number type, phone carrier, map locations, and more. The international phone number lookup is easy too. Just enter country code with phone number and hit enter. Always make sure to include the country code first when looking up any worldwide phone number. Select List of Countries to access country phone directories quicker, such as country calling codes, area codes, mobile codes, and map location. If you have an International phone number enquiry, the results will show the country name, city name, capital, map location, local time zone and more.