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North America & Caribbean Islands - Mexico Yellow Books
Paginas Amarillas Mexico - Search a business in Mexico Paginas Amarillas - by company name or service. Choose a location from one of the 31 Mexican States. Yellow Pages Directory is in Spanish and English.
Mexico Session Amarilla - Search businesses in Spanish Yellow Pages -, maps, hotels and motels, local restaurants and more. The phone book is in Spanish.

South America & Central America - Nicaragua Yellow Books
Nicaragua Paginas Amarillas - Search businesses in Nicaragua Yellow Pages - by company name or service. Nicaragua directory is in English and Spanish.
Nicaragua YP - Lookup a business in the Nicaragua Yellow Pages ( Search by company name, or category and location. Directory is in English.
Europe - Italy Yellow Books
Italy Pagine Gialle - Search businesses in Italy Yellow Pages - by name, phone number or address, and location. The phone book is in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
Italy Infobel - Search businesses in the Belgium Infobel Business Book - Find by business name or type, and choose location. Lookup by phone number is also available.

Africa - Kenya Yellow Books
Kenya Pages Jaunes - Search businesses in the Kenya Yellow Pages - Choose a category and select the country, Kenya.
Kenya Yellow Pages - Search for businesses in the Kenya Phone Book - by name and location. Find by business type or category, and location. Kenya People Search and Yellow Pages.

Asia & Middle East - Korea (South) Yellow Books
Yoolk Yellow Pages - Search for businesses in the South Korea Phone Book - by name and location. Lookup by advanced search, category, name, business type, address, city, or phone number.

Australia & Pacific - New Caledonia Yellow Books
New Caledonia 1012 - Search for people or businesses in New Caledonia Pages - by name or phone number. Enter the name or phone number in the first box and select "rechercher." The phone book is in French only.