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North America & Caribbean Islands - Dominica Yellow Books
Dominica Yellow Pages - Search businesses in Dominica Yellow Pages - by category, keyword or search by company name. Top searches include, cars, banks, florists, hotels and motels, insurance, real estate and more.

South America & Central America - El Salvador Yellow Books
El Salvador Paginas Amarillas - Search businesses in El Salvador Yellow Pages - by company name, or service. Top categories, auto, banks, education, florists, hotels and motels guide, real estate, and more. The Amarillas phone book is in English and Spanish.
El Salvador Yalwa Directory - Find a business in the El Salvador Business Yellow Book - Lookup by name, type, service or category, and choose location. The Yalwa phone book is in Spanish.
Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina Yellow Books
Bosnia and Herzegovina Telecom - Find a business in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Yellow Book - Find by name, type, or service, and choose location.

Africa - Mauritius Yellow Books
Mauritius Pages Jaunes - Search businesses in the Mauritius African Yellow Pages - Choose a category and select the country-Mauritius.
Mauritius Teleservices - Search businesses, information or services in the Mauritius Yellow Pages - Lookup businesses, useful phone numbers - airport, police and more, or tourist information. Popular links include, airline, banks, clinics, hotels and motels, local restaurants and tour operators.

Asia & Middle East - Hong Kong Yellow Books
Hong Kong Yellow Pages - Lookup businesses in the Hong Kong Web Portal - by business name, business type, and location. The phone book is in English and Chinese.
PCCW Yellow Pages - Search businesses in the Hong Kong Phone Book - by company name, area and district. Choose "Find a Business" to begin your search. 1081 Directory Inquiries. The phone book is in Chinese and English.

Australia & Pacific - Norfolk Island Yellow Books