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Reverse Lookup any email address in France! Simply enter the email address and hit search.
France Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages of France including overseas departments and territories of France. Find a business in the Pages Jaunes, by name, category or business type. "Quoi, Qui" enter business name or type - "Ou" enter city or location. Directory in French only.
Business Yellow Book of companies, professional and reverse phone lookup "Annuaire" enter name of business, type of business, address and location. "Annuaire inverse" enter phone number for reverse phone number results. Directory in French only.
France White Pages
Find a person in the France Phone Book - by first name, last name. Enter "0" and local number. Select tab -A qui est ce Numero- for reverse phone search. Enter city or post code for - Localite. France Pages Blanches is in French only.
Select the tab "Avec l'annuaire inverse" for Free reverse phone search in France. Enter "0" and phone number for results. Search - Yellow Pages - Un professionnel - White Pages - Un particulier Directory in French only.

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