206 Area Code: What You Need to Know

The 206 area code acts as a virtual key to Seattle. This city seamlessly combines the innovation and vibrancy of a major metropolitan center with the verdant surroundings of the Pacific Northwest.

The 206 area code is home to the iconic Space Needle and lively areas like Capitol Hill and Ballard, capturing the spirit of a city full of creativity, diversity, and boundless chances.

It's more than just a series of numbers; it's a digital gateway to a metropolis renowned for its IT gurus and thriving economy.

206 Area Code: Seattle
Fig.1 - 206 Area Code: Seattle

In this article, we'll cover the following:

What location is associated with the 206 area code?

An Old Phone Dialing 206 Area Code
Fig.2 - An Old Phone Dialing 206 Area Code

The 206 area code mainly serves the city of Seattle and the surrounding areas in the Pacific Northwest. Being the biggest city in the state of Washington, it encompasses seven cities, including Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, and Bremerton.

It also covers two counties, including King County and Kitsap County.

What is the time zone of the 206 area code?

The Space Needle Observation Tower in Seattle
Fig.3 - The Space Needle Observation Tower in Seattle

Seattle and other neighboring Washington cities adhere to the Pacific Time Zone (PT), 8 hours behind GMT.

Please remember that while Daylight Saving Time is observed in most of this region, it may not be in certain tiny, isolated regions.

History of the 206 area code

Public Market at Dusk
Fig.4 - Public Market at Dusk

The 206 area code was established in 1947 by the Bell System and AT&T. At first, it catered to the whole state of Washington.

After 206 was divided in 1995, certain phone numbers had to be updated to area code 360. This had to happen again in 1997 to form area code 425 and once more in 1997 to create area code 253.

Total Population of 206 area code

Despite not being the state capital, Seattle remains the biggest city in Washington. According to the United States Census Bureau, it spans 142 square miles along the west coast and is home to 749,256 inhabitants. In addition to Kitsap County, which has a population of 2.2 million, area code 206 also encompasses Seattle, the county seat of King County.

Demographics in the 206 area code

The 206 area code encompasses diverse demographics, reflecting the vibrant multicultural fabric of Washington.

The area code is made up of Hawaiian, Hispanic, African American, Indian, Asian, and white populations.

There is also a significant presence of various immigrant communities.

Best neighborhoods in the 206 area code

There are several neighborhoods under the 206 area code that reflect various urban cultures, including:

  • Madrona and Leschi: These are wonderful areas with lots of green space and well-kept craftsman-style homes along the streets. Come for the scenery, and stay for the atmosphere.
  • Beacon Hill: This is the ideal fusion of a friendly, welcoming neighborhood with many culinary options.
  • West Seattle: It is a fantastic location to escape the city vibes and lose yourself in a serene, natural state of mind.

Household income in 206 area code

According to the most recent census data from the US Census Bureau, the per capita income in the 206 area code is $68,836, and the median household income (in 2021 dollars) is $105,391.

Industries in the 206 area code

Seattle is also a major international business hub, with a sizable port that handles cargo from Asia and the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Nordstrom.

It's interesting to note that the biotechnology and clean environment industries are flourishing in the 206 area code region. The recreation sector is also doing well because of its close proximity to Mount Rainer.

Schools in the 206 area code

The 206 area code is fortunate to have a large number of educational institutions serving learners of all ages. It is home to prestigious public schools, including Newport Senior High School and Lake Washington School District.

Reputable institutions of higher learning, including Seattle University and the University of Washington, are also located in the area code, offering a wide range of academic programs and chances for academic achievement.

Tourist attractions in the 206 area code

The famous Space Needle in Seattle provides amazing sweeping vistas of the city and Puget Sound. The lively Pike Place Market is a historic public market that entices people with its lively ambiance, handmade items, and fresh produce.

How to find people in the 206 area code

SearchYellowDirectory is the most effective method for locating individuals in the 206 area code. With our portal, you may even conduct a reverse phone search using their given names and last names.

You can also find people by name or contact details using other resources, such as social networking sites and search engines.

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How to call a phone number with the 206 area code

Callers do not need to include the area code when using a 7-digit dialing number to place a local call within the 206 area zone.

However, when making a call from outside the area but within the US, a caller should use 10-digit dialing, which consists of the 3-digit area code and the 7-digit phone number.

When making a call from outside of the US, the caller uses an 11-digit dialing format, which consists of the phone number (7 digits), the 3-digit area code (206), and the US country code (+1).

Should I get a 206 area code phone number for my business?

Getting a 206 area code can be a good move for your business. If you operate in Seattle or wish to build a presence there, it gives you local legitimacy and introduces you to a wide range of potential customers.

How to obtain a number with the 206 area code

You should get in touch with your virtual phone number provider or your telecoms service provider to acquire a phone number with the 206 area code.

Takeaway: Discover the richness of 206 area code

The 206 area code covers the beautiful city of Seattle. This vibrant metropolis is home to well-known attractions, a diversified population, a booming industry, and esteemed educational institutions.

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