704 Area Code: What You Need to Know

Area code 704 was among the original 86 area codes assigned in 1947 by the Bell System. It is the area code for south-central North Carolina, covering 15 of the state’s counties.

704 Area Code: North Carolina
Fig.1 - 704 Area Code: North Carolina

Area code 704 initially covered the entire state of North Carolina but was split over the years and later underwent the first overlay.

This post will deliver everything you need to know about area code 704, including the locations associated, major cities, and much more.

What location is associated with the 704 area code?

Welcome sign of North Carolina
Fig.2 - Welcome sign of North Carolina

The 704 area code is associated with the state of North Carolina and covers 15 of its counties. It initially covered the entire state of North Carolina but was split to help meet the growth and demand rate.

What is the time zone of the 704 area code?

The 704 area code is part of the Eastern time zone and 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It is one of the best time zones since the major cities in the Canadian and US East Coast are located here.

History of the 704 Area Code

The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) designated the first 86 numbering plans, including area code 704, in 1947. This code was originally serving the entire state of North Carolina.

Later, in 1954, two-thirds of the state, the eastern side from Winston-Salem, was split off and designated area code 919. The 704 area code was left for the eastern third of North Carolina.

The 704 area code remained in place for 44 years until the 90s, when Charlotte’s explosive growth made another split unavoidable.

There was a rapid demand for telephone lines with a shortage resulting from the instant surge of fax machines, cell phones, and pagers in the market.

In 1998, the area code 828 was created for most of the regions in the 704 code territories. These included the Foothills and Blue Ridge, which were split off, restricting the 704 area code to Charlotte and its surroundings.

Area code 828 was meant to be a long-term solution, but two years later, code 704 was near exhaustion due to Charlotte's continued growth. This was when the first overlay in North Carolina happened.

Code 980 first came into service on 1 May 2000. It brought about a permissive dialing period where 7 and 10-digit calls were allowed. The first 980 numbers started rolling out on 10 February 2001.

Total population of 704 Area Code

According to Zip-Codes, area code 704 has an estimated population of almost 2.8 million. The average size of each family in this area is 3.02.

Demographics in the 704 area code

Area code 704 consists of people from various communities around the world. The white population is the highest and is approximately 1.7 million.

The rest comprises African American, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and Hawaiian.

Major counties served by the area code 704

According to All Area Codes, the major counties in North Carolina under area code 704 are:

  • Cabarrus County
  • Gaston County
  • Union County
  • Stanly County
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Lincoln County
  • Iredell County
  • Rowan County

Other counties include Cleveland County, Rutherford County, Burke County, Montgomery County, Anson County, Alexander County, and Catawba County.

Major cities served by the area code 704

Area code 704 covers over 60 cities, including the Charlotte metropolitan area. Other major cities are:

  • Charlotte
  • Concord
  • Gastonia
  • Huntersville
  • Kannapolis
  • Indian Trail
  • Matthews
  • Monroe
  • Salisbury

Best neighborhoods in the 704 area code

Davidson, a charming small town in North Carolina
Fig.3 - Davidson, a charming small town in North Carolina

Area code 704 comprises various neighborhoods with a fantastic experience and distinct feel. They include:

  • Midwood: Midwood is among the hippiest hoods in Charlotte with modern quaint cottages. This area has maintained the home styles after the war but has introduced a modern touch to them.
  • Madison Park: If you are looking for a place with access to the airport and major highways, Madison Park is an ideal choice. It is ideal for families looking for a quiet neighborhood close to Charlotte’s uptown.
  • Cotswold: Cotswold is a friendly neighborhood close to Charlotte’s downtown area. It borders exclusive communities such as Foxcroft and Eastover.

Household income in the 704 area code

According to Zip Atlas, the average household income in the 704 area code is $66,480. The per capita income is approximately $34,795.

Industries in the 704 area code

Charlotte is a major city in area code 704. It boasts robust financial and banking services with large banks such as Wells Fargo and the Bank of America.

Other prominent sectors in area code 704 are health care, educational services, social assistance, and waste management services.

The largest employers include Duke Energy Corporation, Novant Health, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Carolinas Healthcare System, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Tourist attractions in the 704 area code

North Carolina has an extensive list of fun tourist activities, including sports, nightlife, and various attractions. The top attractions under the 704 area code include the Billy Graham Library, which consists of multimedia exhibits, films, and memorabilia.

This library helps you relive the historical moments of Billy Graham, one of the most influential voices in the 20th century.

You can also enjoy the Carolina Raptor Center, a three-quarter-mile trail and zoological amenity that hosts over thirty birds of prey. It allows you to connect with wildlife safely and respectfully.

Other tourist attractions in the area code 704 are the Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville and Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Is the 704 area code toll-free?

The 704 area code is not a toll-free number. It does not allow you to place calls from landlines at no cost.

How to call a phone number with the 704 area code

A person dialing on a telephone
Fig.4 - A person dialing on a telephone

If you need to call a phone number with the 704 area code, just dial the 10-digit phone number and include the code. Add the appropriate dialing code (+1) if you are outside the US.

Why should I get a 704 area code phone number for my business?

When running a business within the 704 area code, getting the appropriate code for your business can positively affect your success.

First, calling customers using their area code makes you seem more legitimate and reliable. It makes it easier to close sales and complete deals due to instant recognizability.

How to obtain a phone number with the 704 area code

You can acquire a phone number or virtual phone number with the 704 area code through the help of your telecommunications or virtual phone number provider. Obtaining a number is quite easy; you can do it anywhere in the country.

Takeaway: Make your life and business better with the 704 area code

The 704 area code has a long history that goes back 60+ years. It represents the diverse culture, demographics, and financial productivity of the ever-growing Charlotte and its surrounding areas.

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