Barbados Reverse Lookup

Barbados Phone number: +1 - 246 - XXX-XXXX
Country: Barbados
Country code: 1
Capital of Barbados: Bridgetown
Area code 246: Bridgetown, Airy Hill, Alexandra, ... (cities listed below)
Local Time:
Barbados is 1 of 25 NANP Countries.
Barbados Area codes: 246
Barbados Mobile Exchange Codes: 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269
+1-246 Barbados reverse phone lookup
1-246 phone numbers Location: Bridgetown, Airy Hill, Alexandra, Allen View, Allmans, Animal Flower Cave, Apes Hill, Appleby, Applewhaites, Arch Hall, Archer, Archers, Arthurs Seat, Ashbury, Ashton Hall, Atlantic Shores, Babbs, Bagatelle, Bairds, Bakers, Bank Hall, Bannatyne, Bathsheba, Baxters, Bayfield, Bayley, Bayleys, Bayville, Bel Air, Belair, Belle, Belleplaine, Belmont, Benab, Bennetts, Benny Hall, Benthams, Bentleys, Bibbys Lane, Bishops, Bissex, Black Rock, Blackmans, Blacksage Alley, Blades, Blades Hill, Bloomsbury, Blowers, Blue Waters, Boarded Hall, Bonwell, Boscobelle, Bourbon, Bowmanston, Branchbury, Breedy's, Brereton, Bridgefield, Bridgetown, Briggs, Brighton, Brighton, Brittons Hill, Brome Field, Bruce, Bruce Vale, Buckden House, Bulkely Factory, Bushy Park, Callendar, Campaign Castle, Cane Vale, Cane Wood, Canefield, Carlton, Carrington, Carrington, Carter, Castle, Castle Grant, Cattlewash, Cave Hill, Cave Hill, Chance Hall, Chancery Lane, Chapman, Charnocks, Cheapside, Checker Hall, Cherry Grove, Cheshire, Chimborazo, Christie, Church Hill, Church View, Church Village, Clapham, Cleland, Cliff, Cliff Cottage, Clifton Hall, Clifton Hill, Cluffs, Coach Hill, Coconut Hall, Codrington, Codrington, Codrington College, Coffee Gully, Coles Cave, Coles Pasture, College Savannah, Colleton, Colleton, Collins, Congo Road, Connell Town, Constant, Content, Cottage, Cottage, Cottage Vale, Cove, Cove, Coverly, Crab Hill, Dash Valley, Date Tree Hill, Deacons, Diamond Corner, Diamond Valley, Dover, Drax Hall, Drax Hall Hope, Drax Hall Jump, Drax Hill Green, Draxhall Woods, Dukes, Dunscombe, Durant, Durants, Durants, Durham, Ealing Grove, Ealing Park, East Lynne, Eastbourne, Easy Hall, Ebenezer, Ebworth, Eden Lodge, Edey, Edge Hill, Elizabeth Park, Ellerton, Ellesmere, Ellis Castle, Endeavour, Endeavour, Enterprise, Exchange, Fair View, Fairfield, Fairfield, Fairview, Fairy Valley, Fairy Valley Rock, Farm Road, Farmers, Fisher Pond, Fitts, Flat Rock, Flatfield, Folkestone Park, Fortescue, Foster Hall, Foster Hall, Fosters, Foul Bay, Four Cross Roads, Four Roads, Four Winds, Frazers, Free Hill, Free Hill, French, Frere Pilgrim, Friendship, Friendship Terrace, Frizers, Fruitful Hill, Fustic, Gall Hill, Garrison, Gays, Gemswick, Gibbes, Gibbons, Gibbons Boggs, Gibbs, Glebe Land, Golden Grove, Golden Ridge, Good Intene, Goodland, Graeme Hall, Grape Hall, Graveyard, Grazettes, Green Garden, Green Hill, Greenidge, Greenland, Greens, Greenwich, Gregg Farm, Groeme Hall, Guinea, Haggatt Hall, Half Acre, Halton, Hannays, Hannays, Hannays Tenantry, Harris, Harrismith, Harrisons, Harrow, Hastings, Haymans Factory, Haynes Field, Haynesville, Heddings, Henley, Henrys, Heywoods, Heywoods Village, Highgate, Highgate House, Highland, Hillcrest, Holders, Holetown, Hope, Hopeland, Hopewell, Hopewell, Hothersal, Hothersal Turning, Howells, Hoytes, Hoytes, Husbands, Husbands, Inch Marlowe, Indian Ground, Industry Hall, Jackmans, Jackson, Jamestown Park, Jemmotts, Jericho, Jezreel, Joes River, Jordan, Jordans, Josey Hill, Kelzer Hill, Kendal, Kendal Factory, Kendal Hill, Kent, Kingsland, Kirtons, Lakes, Lamberts, Lancaster, Lascelles, Lazaretto, Lead Vale, Lears, Lemon Arbour, Less Beholden, Lewis Vale, Lion, Lion Castle Tenantry, Litchfield, Little Battaleys, Locust Hall, Lodge Road, Lords Castle, Lower Birneys, Lower Carlton, Lower Estate, Lower Greys, Lowland, Lowland, Lowlands, Lowthers, Lucas Street, Luke Hill, Malvern, Mangrove, Mangrove, Mapp Hill, Marchfield, Marine Gardens, Market Hill, Marley Vale, Martins Bay, Massiah Street, Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell Coast, Maxwell Hill, Maycock, Maynards, Melverton, Melvin Hill, Merricks, Mile and a Quarter, Molyneux, Montrose, Moonshine Hall, Moore Hill, Moores, Morgan Lewis, Mount, Mount Brevitor, Mount Friendship, Mount Gay, Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant, Mount Royer, Mount Standfast, Mount Stepney, Mount View, Mount Wilton, Mullins, Navy Gardens, Neils, Nesfield, New Orleans, Newbury, Newcastle, Newton Terrace, Nicholas Abbey, Ocean City, Oistins, Oistin's Town, Old Post Office, Oldbury, Orange Hill, Orange Hill, Oughtersons, Oxford, Oxnards, Packers, Padmore, Palmers, Paragon, Parish Land, Pegwell, Pickerings, Pie Corner, Pilgrim Place, Pilgrim Road, Pine, Pine Housing Estate, Pinelands, Plumtree, Pool, Poreys Spring, Porters, Portland, Prerogative, Prior Park, Prospect, Prospect, Proutes, Providence, Redland, Redmans, Reeds Hill, Regency Park, Rendezvous, Retreat, Retreat, Retreat, Rices, River, Roach, Robinsons, Rock Dundo, Rock Dundo, Rock Hall, Rock Hall, Rock Hall, Rockfield, Rockley, Rose Hill, Rosegate, Rouen, Round Rock, Rowans, Ruby, Saint Andrews, Saint Davids, Saint Elizabeths, Saint Judes, Saint Lawrence, Saint Margarets, Saint Marks, Saint Martins, Saint Mathias, Saint Nicholas, Salmond, Salters, Sam Lords Castle, Sandford, Sandy Lane, Sargeant, Sayes Court, Scarboro, Scarborough, Seales, Sealy Hall, Sealy Hill, Searles, Searles, Seaview, Seaview, Seaview, Sedge Pond, Sheraton Park, Sherbourne, Shop Hill, Shorey, Silver Hill, Silver Sands, Sion Hill, Sion Hill, Six Cross Roads, Six Mens, Skeenes Hill, Small Hope, Small Town, South District, Speightstown, Spencers, Spreightstown, Spring Hall, Spring Head, Springfield, St. Patricks, Station Hill, Stepney, Stewart Hill, Stroude Land, Sturges, Sugar Hill, Summervale, Sunbury, Sunset Crest, Supers, Surinam, Sutherland Road, Swanns, Sweet Bottom, Sweet Vale, Tent Bay, The Baltic, The Bridge Town, The Crane, The Garden, The Glebe, The Hole, The Risk, The Whim, Thicket, Thornbury Hill, Todds, Top Rock, Trents, Trents, Turners Hall, Turnpike, Two Mile Hill, Union, Union Hall, Upper Carlton, Upper Parks, Upper Salmonds, Valley, Vaucluse Factory, Vauxhall, Venture, Verdun, Vineyard, Wakefield, Wakefield Tenantry, Walkers Terrace, Walkes Spring, Walronds, Wanstead, Warleigh, Warners, Warrens, Waterford, Watts Village, Waverley Cot, Welch Town, Welch Town, Welches, Welchman Hall, Welchtown, Well Road, Wellhouse, Westmoreland, Weston, Weymouth, White Hall, White Hill, Whitehaven, Wilcox, Wildey, Wilson Hill, Windy Hill, Windy Ridge, Woodbourne, Workhall, Worthing, Wotton, Yorkshire

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