Canada Reverse Lookup

Canada Phone number: +1 - 902 - XXX-XXXX
Country: Canada
Country code: 1
Province or Territory: Nova Scotia / Prince Edward Island
Area Code 902: Nova Scotia / Prince Edward Island
Capital of Canada: Ottawa, Ontario; area code 613
Local Time:
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
Canada is 1 of 25 NANP Countries.
+1-902 area code Canada reverse lookup
902 area code Location: Halifax Nova Scotia, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Advocate Harbour (NS), Afton Station (NS), Albany (PE), Albert Bridge (NS), Alberton (PE), Alder Point (NS), Amherst (NS), Annapolis Royal (NS), Antigonish (NS), Arcadia (NS), Arichat (NS), Askilton (NS), Aspen (NS), Auburn (NS), Avonport (NS), Aylesford (NS), Baccaro (NS), Baddeck (NS), Balls Creek (NS), Barneys River Station (NS), Barrachois (NS), Barrington Passage (NS), Barrington (NS), Barss Corners (NS), Barton (NS), Bass River (NS), Bayport (NS), Bayside (NS), Bear River (NS), Beaver Bank (NS), Beaver Cove (NS), Bedeque (PE), Bedford (NS), Beechville (NS), Belfast (PE), Belle Cote (NS), Belle River (PE), Belliveau Cove (NS), Belmont (NS), Belnan (NS), Ben Eoin (NS), Berwick (NS), Bible Hill (NS), Bickerton West (NS), Big Bras D'Or (NS), Big Pond Centre (NS), Big Pond (NS), Birch Grove (NS), Black Point (NS), Blacketts Lake (NS), Blandford (NS), Blind Bay (NS), Block House (NS), Bloomfield Station (PE), Boisdale (NS), Bonshaw (PE), Borden (PE), Boularderie Center (NS), Boularderie East (NS), Boularderie (NS), Boutiliers Point (NS), Boylston (NS), Bras D'Or (NS), Breadalbane (PE), Bridgetown (NS), Bridgewater (NS), Brookfield (NS), Brooklyn (NS), Brookside (NS), Caledonia (NS), Cambridge Station (NS), Canning (NS), Canso (NS), Cape Negro (NS), Cape North (NS), Capstick (NS), Cardigan (PE), Caribou Marsh (NS), Carleton (NS), Catalone Gut (NS), Catalone (NS), Central Bedeque (PE), Centre Burlington (NS), Centreville (NS), Charlottetown, Cherry Brook (NS), Chester Basin (NS), Chester (NS), Cheticamp (NS), Cheverie (NS), Christmas Island (NS), Church Point (NS), Clam Point (NS), Clarks Harbour (NS), Clementsport (NS), Clementsvale (NS), Cleveland (NS), Clyde River (NS), Coldbrook (NS), Cole Harbour (NS), Coleman (PE), Collingwood Corner (NS), Cornwall (PE), Cornwallis (NS), Coxheath (NS), Craigmore (NS), Crandall Road (NS), Crapaud (PE), Creignish (NS), Cross Roads Country Harbour (NS), Crowell (NS), Currys Corner (NS), Dartmouth (NS), Debert (NS), Deep Brook (NS), Densmores Mills (NS), D'Escousse (NS), Digby (NS), Dingwall (NS), Dominion (NS), Donkin (NS), Dutch Brook (NS), Dutch Settlement (NS), East Bay (NS), East Dover (NS), East Gore (NS), East Lawrencetown (NS), East Pennant (NS), East Preston (NS), Eastern Passage (NS), Economy (NS), Edwardsville (NS), Elderbank (NS), Ellershouse (NS), Ellerslie (PE), Elmira (PE), Elmsdale (NS), Elmsdale (PE), Enfield (NS), Englishtown (NS), Eskasoni (NS), Eureka (NS), Fall River (NS), Falmouth (NS), Fergusons Cove (NS), Five Islands (NS), Florence (NS), Fourchu (NS), Framboise (NS), Frankville (NS), Freeport (NS), Freetown (PE), French Road (NS), French Village (NS), Frenchvale (NS), Gabarus Lake (NS), Gabarus (NS), Gardiner Mines (NS), Georges River (NS), Georgetown (PE), Glace Bay (NS), Glen Haven (NS), Glen Margaret (NS), Glenwood (NS), Goffs (NS), Goldboro (NS), Goodwood (NS), Goshen (NS), Grand Etang (NS), Grand Lake (NS), Grand Mira South (NS), Grand Narrows (NS), Grand Pre (NS), Grand River (NS), Granville Ferry (NS), Great Village (NS), Green Gables (PE), Greenfield (NS), Greenwood (NS), Groves Point (NS), Guysborough (NS), Hacketts Cove (NS), Halifax, Hammonds Plains (NS), Hampton (NS), Hantsport (NS), Harrietsfield (NS), Hatchet Lake (NS), Havre Boucher (NS), Head Of Chezzetcook (NS), Head Of Jeddore (NS), Head Of St Margarets Bay (NS), Heatherton (NS), Hebron (NS), Herring Cove (NS), Hillside Boularderie (NS), Hopewell (NS), Howie Center (NS), Hubbards (NS), Hubley (NS), Hunter River (PE), Huntington (NS), Hunts Point (NS), Indian Harbour (NS), Ingomar (NS), Ingonish Beach (NS), Ingonish (NS), Ingramport (NS), Inverness (NS), Iona (NS), Isaacs Harbour (NS), Italy Cross (NS), Jeddore Oyster Ponds (NS), Joggins (NS), Jordan Falls (NS), Judique (NS), Juniper Mountain (NS), Kemptville (NS), Kennetcook (NS), Kensington (PE), Kentville (NS), Ketch Harbour (NS), Kingston (NS), Kinkora (PE), Kinsac (NS), La Have (NS), Lake Charlotte (NS), Lake Echo (NS), Lake Fletcher (NS), Lakeside (NS), Lakeview (NS), Lantz (NS), L'Ardoise (NS), Larrys River (NS), Lawrencetown (NS), Lawrencetown. (NS), Leitches Creek (NS), Lennox Island (PE), Lewis Lake (NS), Lingan Road (NS), Lingan (NS), Liscomb (NS), Little Bras D'Or (NS), Little Brook (NS), Little Dover (NS), Little Narrows (NS), Little River (NS), Liverpool (NS), Lockeport (NS), Londonderry (NS), Louisbourg (NS), Louisdale (NS), Lower East Pubnico (NS), Lower Five Islands (NS), Lower L'Ardoise (NS), Lower Prospect (NS), Lower Sackville (NS), Lower Wedgeport (NS), Lower West Pubnico (NS), Lower Woods Harbour (NS), Lucasville (NS), Lunenburg (NS), Mabou (NS), Maccan (NS), Mackinnons Harbour (NS), Mahone Bay (NS), Main-A-Dieu (NS), Maitland Bridge (NS), Maitland (NS), Malagash (NS), Margaree Centre (NS), Margaree Forks (NS), Margaree Harbour (NS), Margaree Valley (NS), Margaree (NS), Margaretsville (NS), Marie Joseph (NS), Marion Bridge (NS), Mavillette (NS), Mcgray (NS), Meaghers Grant (NS), Melville (NS), Membertou (NS), Merigomish (NS), Meteghan Centre (NS), Meteghan River (NS), Meteghan (NS), Micmac (NS), Middle Musquodoboit (NS), Middle Porters Lake (NS), Middle Sackville (NS), Middle West Pubnico (NS), Middleton (NS), Milford Station (NS), Mill Creek (NS), Mill Village (NS), Millville (NS), Milton (NS), Miminegash (PE), Mineville (NS), Mira Gut (NS), Miscouche (PE), Monastery (NS), Montague (PE), Mooseland (NS), Morell (PE), Mosers River (NS), Mount Stewart (PE), Mount Uniacke (NS), Mulgrave (NS), Murray Harbour (PE), Murray River (PE), Musquodoboit Harbour (NS), Nappan (NS), Neils Harbour (NS), New Germany (NS), New Glasgow (NS), New Harris (NS), New Minas (NS), New Ross (NS), New Victoria (NS), New Waterford (NS), Newport Station (NS), Newport (NS), Newtown (NS), Nine Mile River (NS), Noel (NS), North East Margaree (NS), North East Point (NS), North Preston (NS), North Rustico (PE), North Sydney (NS), North Wiltshire (PE), Northport (NS), Northside East Bay (NS), Oakfield (NS), Oldham (NS), O'Leary (PE), Orangedale (NS), Oxford Junction (NS), Oxford (NS), Paradise (NS), Parrsboro (NS), Peggys Cove (NS), Petit De Grat (NS), Petit Etang (NS), Petite-Riviere-Bridge (NS), Pictou (NS), Pleasant Bay (NS), Pleasantville (NS), Plympton (NS), Point Aconi (NS), Point Cross (NS), Point Edward (NS), Point Tupper (NS), Port Borden (PE), Port Caledonia (NS), Port Dufferin (NS), Port Greville (NS), Port Hastings (NS), Port Hawkesbury (NS), Port Hood (NS), Port Howe (NS), Port Joli (NS), Port La Tour (NS), Port Maitland (NS), Port Medway (NS), Port Morien (NS), Port Mouton (NS), Port Williams (NS), Porters Lake (NS), Portuguese Cove (NS), Pownal (PE), Prime Brook (NS), Prospect Bay (NS), Prospect Village (NS), Prospect (NS), Pubnico (NS), Pugwash Junction (NS), Pugwash (NS), Queensville (NS), Reserve Mines (NS), Richmond (PE), River Bourgeois (NS), River Denys (NS), River Hebert (NS), River John (NS), River Philip (NS), River Ryan (NS), Riverport (NS), Rose Bay (NS), Ross Ferry (NS), Sable River (NS), Salmon River (NS), Salt Springs Pictou (NS), Sambro Head (NS), Sambro (NS), Sampson Cove (NS), Sandfield (NS), Sandy Cove (NS), Saulnierville (NS), Scotch Village (NS), Scotchtown (NS), Scotsburn (NS), Scotsville (NS), Seabright (NS), Shad Bay (NS), Shag Harbour (NS), Shearwater (NS), Sheet Harbour (NS), Shelburne (NS), Sherbrooke (NS), Shubenacadie (NS), Slemon Park (PE), Smiths Cove (NS), Smithsville (NS), Souris (PE), South Bar (NS), South Brookfield (NS), South Ohio (NS), Southampton (NS), Southside Boularderie (NS), Springfield (NS), Springhill (NS), St Andrews (NS), St Margaret Village (NS), St Peters (NS), Ste-Anne-Du-Ruisseau (NS), Stellarton (NS), Stewiacke (NS), Stillwater Lake (NS), St-Joseph-Du-Moine (NS), St-Louis (PE), Stoney Island (NS), St-Peters Bay (PE), Stratford (PE), Summerside (PE), Summerville (NS), Sydney Forks (NS), Sydney Mines (NS), Sydney (NS), Tancook Island (NS), Tangier (NS), Tantallon (NS), Tatamagouche (NS), Terence Bay (NS), Thorburn (NS), Tignish (PE), Timberlea (NS), Tiverton (NS), Tower Road (NS), Trenton (NS), Troy (NS), Truro (NS), Tusket (NS), Tyne Valley (PE), Upper Kennetcook (NS), Upper Leitches Creek (NS), Upper Musquodoboit (NS), Upper Nine Mile River (NS), Upper Port La Tour (NS), Upper Rawdon (NS), Upper Sackville (NS), Upper Stewiacke (NS), Upper Tantallon (NS), Vernon Bridge (PE), Victoria Mines (NS), Victoria (PE), Wagmatcook (NS), Wallace (NS), Walton (NS), Waterville (NS), Waverley (NS), Wedgeport (NS), Wellington Station (PE), Wellington (NS), Wentworth (NS), West Arichat (NS), West Bay Road (NS), West Bay (NS), West Dover (NS), West Pennant (NS), West Porters Lake (NS), West Pubnico (NS), West River Station (NS), Westchester Station (NS), Western Shore (NS), Westphal (NS), Westport (NS), Westville (NS), Weymouth (NS), Whites Lake (NS), Whycocomagh (NS), Williamswood (NS), Wilmot Station (NS), Windsor Junction (NS), Windsor (NS), Winsloe (PE), Wolfville (NS), Wood Islands (PE), Yarmouth (NS), York (PE)

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